Redness & Brown Marks

Facial redness can look like blemishes that never go away. If more widespread, it can be mistaken for the facial flush of anger, embarrassment, or excess alcohol intake. This condition has many causes including sun damage, rosacea, certain medications, medical conditions and enlarged blood vessels.

The most effective way of treating facial redness is with a laser or IPL (intense pulse light) device that helps to close the enlarged skin vessels.

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Helping to improve the lives of rosacea patients is a mission of our clinic. We understand the burden and embarrassment of this condition.

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Brown spots or marks on the face and hands can be embarrassing and distracting. The most common of these are sunspots, melasma and brown stains from skin inflammation. As sun exposure may darken these spots, we recommend that you start with good sun protection for prevention of darkening. To correct them, we can use fading creams, dry ice therapy, lasers, intense pulse light or a combination of these treatments.

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