Cleanse & Tone:

LRP Toleriane Dermo Cleanser – a soothing and hydrating face cleanser/makeup remover for sensitive skin

SkinC Gentle Cleanser – a non-foaming, mild cleanser is made with an emollient-rich surfactant and key ingredients to soften and restore skin’s surface

Vivier Hexam – A gentle gel cleanser formulated with Hexamidine, an antimicrobial and antibacterial agent that purifies pores without drying the skin

Protection & Correction:

SkinC Serum 10 – a vitamin C serum for sensitive skin that offers environmental protection and improves the appearance of aging

SkinC Phyto Corrective Gel/Mist – a soothing & hydrating serum with botanical ingredients specifically formulated to calm and hydrate skin while reducing visual redness

SkinC Hydrating B5 – An oil free moisturizer serum that works to replenish skin’s moisture and restore radiance for a smoother complexion with hyaluronic acid

LRP Cicaplast Levres – This repairing barrier balm soothes, protects, and rebuilds the epidermis on chapped, cracked, and irritated lips 


LRP Toleriane Dermallergo Cream – an ultra-soothing moisturizer helps restore the skin’s protective moisture barrier and rebalance the microbiome

SkinC Triple Lipid Repair 2:4:2 – a lipid correction cream contains cholesterol, ceramides, and fatty acids to help restore the skin’s external moisture barrier and support natural self-repair. Improve the tolerance of 0.025% Tretinoin therapy in retinoid-averse patients

Sun Protection:

SkinC Physical Fusion UV Defense 50 – a broad spectrum 100% physical sunscreen for sensitive skin and very dry skin


Procedure Recommendations for Acne

(Supportive for Rx/Isotretinoin)


HydraFacial uses Vortex Fusion technology to deeply cleanse and exfoliate with a gentle peel to uncover a new layer of skin, removes impurities from pores with a painless gentle suction, and saturates the skin’s surface with moisturizers and antioxidants.

Add on a customized booster serum to experience fewer breakouts, purified detoxed pores, and an acceleration of skin surface renewal.

Plus, blue light therapy to effectively kill several types of bacteria that collect in your oil glands and shrink oil glands to reduce sebum production.

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis works by heating the dermis directly under the skin. It’s a very gentle and fast laser treatment that promotes collagen growth and shrinks enlarged pore size. Laser Genesis can effectively reduce acne and scars and prevent future acne breakouts.