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Acne scars form when acne breakouts penetrate deeply into the skin. When the acne clears, the body tries to repair the damage by producing collagen, a substance that gives the skin support. If the body produces too little or too much collagen during the healing process, a scar can form.

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Acne Scar Treatment

There are several treatments available for atrophic acne scars. We start with topical retinoids as Dr. Tan’s research has demonstrated clearance of some atrophic acne scars if used within 3-6 months of their development. Additional treatments include subcisionfillers, used in conjunction with radiofrequency RF Microneedling or a resurfacing laser to tighten the skin. The subcision stimulates collagen and will lift the depression. Other treatments include chemical peels, and punch excision treatments. The best treatment for atrophic scars may vary depending on the individual’s skin type, preference, budget, and availability of the treatment. 

Types Of Acne Scars & Increasing Factors

There are two main types of acne scars: 

  • Depressed acne scars occur when the body produces too little collagen, resulting in an indentation in the surface of the skin (atrophic scars).
  • Raised acne scars occur when the body produces too much collagen, causing a raised area on the surface of the skin (hypertrophic scars).

Some factors that can increase the risk of developing acne scars include having inflammatory acne (such as cysts and nodules), delaying or not treating inflammatory acne, picking or squeezing acne, and having a family history of acne scars. It’s important to treat acne early and effectively to reduce the risk of scarring.

Having acne is bad enough but developing scars afterwards is even worse as some scars can persist.

Acne and acne scarring are areas of ongoing study and research for Dr. Tan. Over the years, he and his colleagues have developed measures to evaluate scars and to assess severity including photographic techniques for image capture.

Scars can be small or large, holes (atrophic) or bumps (hypertrophic). No one presents with the same number or types of scars.

Our research in acne



We're constantly developing new measures for evaluating acne severity and acne scarring

New treatments continue to be evaluated in research trials for acne

Silicone facial models for teaching acne evaluations

Will there be a charge for my treatment?


Consultations for active acne based on referral by your primary care provider are covered by OHIP and will not be charged to you.


Consultations for acne scarring (indent or holes; and thick rubbery lumps) or acne pigmentation (dark marks) are not covered by OHIP and will be charged to you.


Treatments for active acne may be covered by your drug plan (eg. Ontario Drug Benefit or third party plans).


Treatments for acne scarring and pigmentation are not covered by OHIP but may be covered by your extended health plan (if you have one; you will need to speak to them about coverage).

Acne Scarring Resources

Acne Scar Treatments: Personalized strategies

Treatments For Acne Scarring

Treatments for scars depends on scar type.

  • For atrophic scars: these range from releasing the deeper tethers (adhesions) holding down the scars using subcision (a blunt tipped instrument inserted just below the skin surface) to treatments to lift up depressions by increasing production of collagen under the skin (using retinol creams, fillers, platelet rich plasma, RF Microneedling, lasers, and pinpoint treatment of scar bases).
  • If scars are thickened or hypertrophic, different treatments are required to reduce collagen including steroid injections, silicone ointments or lasers.

    During your consultation, Dr. Tan will address your concerns, examine your skin, evaluate your scars including their type and help develop a personalized blueprint to help you with scar correction and your goal of clearer skin.

    Laser Genesis

    Laser Genesis works by heating the dermis directly under the skin. It’s a very gentle and fast laser treatment that promotes collagen growth and shrinks enlarged pore size. Laser Genesis can effectively reduce acne and scars and prevent future acne breakouts.


    Complete Skin Rejuvenation

    NeoSkin is the perfect anti-aging solution for all ages and all skin types who either want to keep their skin clear and youthful or for those that want to turn back the clock and regain a youthful complexion. This safe, effective, and tolerable treatment is quickly becoming the ‘go-to’ therapy for patients wanting clear, beautiful skin.


    Subcision is a minor surgical procedure using a hypodermic syringe or metal cannula to release tethered scar tracts under the skin surface.

    TCA Cross Technique

    This treatment is used for icepick scars. Trichloroacetic acid is a chemical that wounds the skin surface at the depth of the icepick scar. This leads to a wound healing response with increased collagen formation helping to lift the scar.


    Radiofrequency (RF) RF Microneedling combines the benefits of RF Microneedling and radiofrequency in one powerful treatment to induce deep dermal collagen and elastin synthesis and remodeling. This helps to fill out scars and firm tissues to reduce wrinkles and improve skin laxity. The radiofrequency pulse activates cells in the skin to produce more of these wound repair factors.


    A non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing treatment that improves the texture of pitted scars and address discolouration that lingers around pitted acne scars. This treatment creates laser micro columns that penetrate the skin. These areas of microscopic damage result in skin remodeling with an increase in collagen and elastic tissue; resurfacing your skin by stimulating the growth of new healthy tissue from the inside out.

    Dermal Fillers

    Dermal fillers containing hyaluronic acid are used to elevate saucer shaped scars that are not tethered. It is injected underneath the scar from different directions to induce elevation. These fillers are not permanent but can result in improvement lasting six months or more.

    Over the Counter Recommendations for Acne Scarring

    Cleanse & Tone

    LRP Toleriane Dermo Cleanser

    Soothing and hydrating face cleanser/makeup remover for sensitive skin

    LRP Effaclar Micro Peel

    Gentle exfoliating face and body cleanser with 2% Salicylic Acid

    SkinC LHA Cleanser

    Gel cleanser exfoliates skin with 3.5% Glycolic Acid + Salicylic Acid and LHA

    SkinC Gentle Cleanser

    Non-foaming, mild cleanser is made with an emollient-rich surfactant and key ingredients to soften and restore skin’s surface

    Protection & Correction

    LRP Effaclar Duo+

    Global action acne treatment and 24H hydrating face lotion with Salicylic Acid and Benzoyl Peroxide

    SkinC Phloretin CF

    Daytime vitamin c face serum with antioxidants that diminishes the appearance of fine lines and the look of uneven skin tone with 2% Phloretin and 10% Vitamin C

    SkinC LHA Serum

    Serum to reduce excess sebum, minimize blemishes and reduce hyper-pigmentation

    SkinC Retinol 0.5

    Pure retinol to minimize pores, stimulate cell turnover, and reduce blemishes, especially hormonally triggered acne.

    Vivier Advanced Skin Lightening Serum

    A powerful, multi-purpose antioxidant serum designed to target advanced skin tone issues while reducing the signs of aging with 2% Hydroquinone and 10% Vitamin C

    Vivier Corrector 2

    An effective skin brightening cream for lightening moderate to severe dark spots, age spots, sunspots, and uneven skin tone with 2% Hydroquinone

    SkinC Discolouration Defense

    A serum to targets the look of uneven skin tone to achieve brighter, more even-looking skin with 3% tranexamic acid, 1% kojic acid, 5% niacinamide, and 5% HEPES

    Vivier Retinol 1%

    A powerful yet gentle microencapsulated retinol 1% complex designed to target advanced skin concerns and achieve the most dramatic results in the least amount of time


    SkinC Phyto A+ Brightening Treatment

    Lightweight moisturizer that helps soothe and correct out-of-balance skin to improve brightness, texture, and clarity with 3% Azelaic Acid

    SkinC Triple Lipid Repair 2:4:2

    A lipid correction cream contains cholesterol, ceramides, and fatty acids to improve hydration, restore skin elasticity and improve skin texture

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