Our Mission


Whether you’re in the midst of mild- severe acne breakouts, hyperpigmentation, scarring, skin conditions or hair loss; our team is here to help you heal.

Our mission at Healthy Image is to care for the whole patient, not just the skin. Our skin is a visible reflection of our internal self and its interaction with the environment.

Healthy Image is the leading dermatologic aesthetic center in Windsor. Our team comprises experts in skin care products, aesthetics, lasers, injectables and dermatology for a holistic approach to your skincare needs. Whether it’s rejuvenation, repair, correction, or maintenance; our goal is your healthiest image.

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What We Do

Custom Tailored Treatments

At Healthy Image, we design personalized treatment plans for each patient, addressing unique skin, face, and body concerns with precision and care. Our approach ensures effective results, enhancing your natural beauty and health.

Aftercare & Support

Our commitment extends beyond treatment, offering comprehensive aftercare and support to ensure optimal recovery and satisfaction. We guide our patients through each step of their post-treatment journey, emphasizing comfort and lasting results.

Recommend Products

We carefully select and recommend skincare products that complement our treatments, enhancing their effectiveness. Our recommendations are based on scientific research and tailored to suit each patient’s specific skin type and concerns, ensuring the best possible outcomes.

A Word From Our Founder

Dr. Jerry Tan, board-certified dermatologist:

 “I’m passionate about skin health because of skin problems in my family: acne, rosacea and eczema. Since medical school, I’ve strived to understand the why, how and what to do for these and many other conditions. Much of skin disease is more than skin deep. Taking care of patients allows me the chance to understand the impact of skin issues on lives – of those affected and their loved ones. It provides the questions that I can ask in researching skin diseases and new treatments. It provides insight into how to measure the effect of treatments. All this to take better care of patients.

My philosophy in treatment is care of the whole patient, not just the skin. Our skin is a visible reflection of our internal self and its interaction with the environment. Healthful nutrition, proper amounts of sleep, stress relief and reducing exposure to harmful environmental factors work together to improve our health. While I provide specific recommendations to protect, correct and repair skin damage – this is done in the context of an overall objective of better health. Helping you project and reflect, a Healthy Image.”

Dr. Jerry Tan is a certified specialist in dermatology with extensive experience in clinical care, research, and cosmetic dermatology procedures. His medical degree was obtained in 1984 from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He completed further training in internal medicine at the University of Toronto from 1984-1987 and served as a general internist at the Toronto Western Hospital from 1987-1988. He then trained in dermatology at the University of British Columbia and the University of Michigan and wrote his specialty examinations in Canada and the United States in 1991. Since then, he has practiced in Essex and Kent county as a general dermatologist in private practice in Windsor, Ontario and as a consultant at Windsor Regional Hospital, Metropolitan site. He teaches medical students at the medical school satellite in Windsor as an adjunct professor in the Schulich School of Medicine and Surgery, University of Western Ontario. His dermatology research projects are performed in an adjacent facility, Windsor Clinical Research Inc.

Dr. Tan’s Credentials

Jerry K. L. Tan MD FRCPC (Internal Medicine and Dermatology) is an adjunct professor at the University of Western Ontario and in private practice in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

He obtained his undergraduate medical degree from Queen’s University (Canada) and trained in internal medicine at the University of Toronto. He completed his residency in dermatology at the University of British Columbia and the University of Michigan. He teaches dermatology at the Schulich School of Medicine, University of Western Ontario.

In addition to his practice in general dermatology, his research focus is on the following disorders: acne, rosacea, psoriasis;  and the following processes: clinical assessment methodology, patient-reported outcomes and medical decision-making. He was the lead investigator of the Canadian Acne Epidemiology Survey which completed three years of patient recruitment at 7 sites across Canada. Research based on this project has been presented at annual meetings of the American and Canadian dermatology association annual meetings, World Congresses of Dermatology, and the Society of Investigative Dermatology meetings. He was awarded a Canadian Dermatology Foundation grant for research on the needs of psoriasis patients and dermatologists in decision-making on therapy; and on development of decision aids. He was names Dermatologist of the Year by Canadian Skin Patient Alliance in 2019.

He has served on the organizing committee of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research workshop on skin disease research priorities and is a therapeutic advisor on evidence-based review panels in Canada (Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technology in Health) and the United States (Drug Effectiveness Review Project, Center for Evidence-Based Policy). He has published more than 50 scientific articles in the following: Clinical Dermatology, Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, Journal of the European American Academy of Dermatology and Venereology, British Journal of Dermatology, Journal of Cutaneous Medicine and Surgery, Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, Journal of Dermatological Treatment, Expert Reviews in Dermatology, Journal of Clinical and Aesthetic Dermatology, Quality of Life Research and Journal of Investigative Dermatology. In 2009, he was awarded the Canadian Dermatology Foundation Lectureship Award for excellence in dermatology research. He has presented his research at national and international meetings including the annual meetings of the American Academy of Dermatology, Society of Investigative Dermatology, Canadian Dermatology Association, Australasian College of Dermatology, and at the World Congresses of Dermatology in Seoul, Korea, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Milan, Italy.