Subcision is a minor surgical procedure aimed at releasing tethered scar tracts beneath the skin surface. It’s particularly beneficial for scars that are bound down or tethered to deeper layers, facilitating their elevation and improving overall skin texture.

Key Benefits of Subcision Treatment

Releases tethered scar tracts

Improves scar elevation and skin texture

Minimally invasive procedure

Generally well-tolerated with minimal downtime

How It Works


Prior to the procedure, numbing is applied to the insertion sites to ensure patient comfort.


Insertion sites are numbed, and instruments are inserted to initiate subcision. The instruments are manipulated horizontally just below the skin surface to release tethers.

What to Expect

Each session typically takes 30 to 40 minutes, with 1-4 sessions scheduled one month apart. Mild to moderate discomfort may be experienced, depending on the treated sites.

Timelines and Recovery

Improvement is typically noticeable within a few days of treatment. Bruising may develop at insertion and subcision sites, resolving in 7 to 10 days. Laser treatment can accelerate bruise reversal.


Who Should Not Have It?

Caution is advised for individuals with allergies to numbing injections, easy bruising, and those with prior facial injuries.

What is the recommended maintenance?

Repeated subcision after the initial series is usually unnecessary but can be considered based on individual needs.

What is the cost?

$600 for the first or single session, with subsequent sessions priced at $450 each.

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