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    What Our Patients Are Saying

    Thank you Dr. Tan, and Healthy Image staff so much for sharing your talent with me. I am so pleased with the results of my Botox and lip filler!

    I look even more stunning then I did before!

    J. D.

    Thank you so much Dr. Tan, and the staff at the Healthy Image Centre for all you’ve done for my skin. My treatments have resulted in amazing results! I have always felt relaxed, and I’m so impressed with my experiences (i.e., beautiful office, friendly staff, very helpful assistants, and Dr. Tan’s exceptional skill level).

    I HIGHLY recommend the Healthy Image Centre for the best skin you can get!

    C. C.

    I highly recommend Dr. Jerry Tan and his professional staff. They exceeded my expectations and made my visit worth while. They took the time to answer all my questions and educate me on therapies and treatments.

    Thank you Dr. Tan and staff for your service to our community.

    F. B.

    I’ve been a longtime patient of Dr. Tan. He and his staff are all very professional and accommodating and I love that I can always get my Botox on short notice.

    A. C.

    Such an amazing, friendly and helpful team. I always enjoy my visits and results.

    A. K.

    I had really bad acne scars and they were significantly improved by the treatment at the Healthy Image Centre. Their staff was always incredibly friendly and helpful.

    I would recommend this Centre for anyone seeking professional skin treatment.

    A. M.
    I have struggled with acne for many of my teenage and adult years. I often felt embarrassed and self-conscious about the state of my skin and would be afraid to leave the house without covering up my blemishes. I tried many prescription treatments before finding a regimen that kept my acne under control, however, I was left with scars and stains from the painful, cystic acne that I previously had. Dr. Tan recommended a combination of subcision, Infini treatments and Jessner peels to improve the appearance of my scars, and the differences they made are incredible. The pigmented stains have vanished and any deep, suppressed scars that I had are gone. The results have left me feeling so confident in my natural skin and has eliminated the need to cover up my face before going out. For anyone struggling with acne, I know how much it hurts to feel like you’ve exhausted every option for clearing up your skin. I highly recommend visiting Dr. Tan to see what your options are. The investment in your skin and your confidence will be worth every penny! I cannot thank Dr. Tan, Hannah, and the entire team at the Healthy Image Centre enough for their kindness and support throughout this journey.

    Dr. Tan, You solved an Issue that took seven months to diagnose to my hands.  They would blister, some containing fluid and some blood, if you touched them they travelled.  He took his time to look it up and came up with his decision that it was a disease that people on long term dialysis’ ( which is me ) can get.  It’s very rare, and he has never seen it, but he did recall hearing about it.  Thank you Dr. Tan for going above and beyond by calling me yourself later that day letting me know of a supplement I can take to help…so far so good.