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We focus on acne care and research to help people with acne.

Acne Specialists

Our focus in the acne clinic is on providing people with acne and acne scarring with best options for treatment guided by our experience. Dr. Tan has spent 30 years in acne research and in providing care for those with acne and scarring. Our recommendations are evidence based and focused on providing effective practical options to improve acne and its’ sequelae, including scarring and pigmentation. We can develop a program for you to look and feel your best.

Will there be a charge?

•  Consultations for

• active acne based on referral by your primary care provider are covered by OHIP and
will not be charged to you;
• acne scarring (indent or holes; and thick rubbery lumps) or acne pigmentation (dark
marks) are not covered by OHIP and will be charged to you;

• Treatments for

• Active acne may be covered by your drug plan (eg. Ontario Drug Benefit or third party
• Acne scarring and pigmentation are not covered by OHIP but may be covered by your
extended health plan (if you have one; you will need to speak to them about coverage).

What should I do to prepare for an acne consultation?
To reduce waiting time in clinic, please complete the following forms and email to us at
[email protected] or print and bring on your visit:
1. Intake form (below)
2. Photo consent
3. Acne survey consent

Useful links for more information on acne
1. Acne patient decision aid: https://www.informed-decisions.org/acnepda.php

• This discusses acne, severity evaluation and treatment options
• We strongly recommend that you review this information as it will prepare
you for discussions during your consultation
• On completion, the patient summary page can be printed or sent to us via e-
mail ([email protected])

2. Canadian Acne Guidelines https://www.cmaj.ca/content/188/2/118

• Canadian acne treatment guidelines, co-chaired by Dr Tan

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