If you feel like you’ve “… tried everything, and would have to live with acne forever”, we can help. We understand that acne can be a burden to those who have it by causing embarrassment and affecting self-esteem and confidence.

Here is our Research

Burden Of acne (quant)
Burden Of acne (qual)

What you eat and drink may affect Acne.

Dr. Tan & Dr. Baldwin – Paper On Effects of diet on acne

Let’s start with possible trigger factors including some which you can control. Your skin care products should be carefully chosen to reduce the risk of irritation and worsening of your acne.

Treatment selection should be guided by your preferences along with research evidence and our experience. We are here to help and have created a decision aid to help you in acne treatment selection.

Acne Decision Aid

From a patient who had previously struggled with acne:

“[After my treatment} it changed my life.  I feel more confident in my skin and I finally leave the house without having to put any makeup on its the refreshing and beautiful feeling”

“Advice that I would give someone struggling with acne is to try the creams first and find an amazing dermatologist such as Dr. Tan.”

“Do not be so hard and yourself, we also struggle with acne, here and there.  Nobody is perfect.  Imperfections make you beautiful”

Restore your complexion and improve your confidence.

We can help you with your acne.

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