Skin Care Myths

Separating useful from useless Smooth, flawless skin is an important part of physical attractiveness and a desire of many in our culture. Helping people achieve such skin has been an increasing focus of different aesthetic, medical and cosmetic practitioners and companies over the past two decades. The skin care industry, however, is based on varying […]

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Deeper Scars

Acne can affect far more than its victim’s faces Almost all of us have had the occasional pimple during the teen years; acne affects more than 90 per cent of young people. But more adults are also being affected by breakouts and pimples — adult acne. It is estimated that 12 per cent of women […]

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Love The Sun, Love Your Skin

Spring & Summer rules for sensible tanning It really has been a long, cold, lonely winter, but finally the warmth of the spring sun has arrived (with apologies to the East Coast, which may still have a few more Nor’easters before July). As we head outdoors to tend our neglected gardens and breathe fresh springtime […]

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