A 30-minute consultation with Dr. Jerry Tan to discuss your cosmetic concerns.

A cosmetic consultation with Dr. Jerry Tan. During this appointment he will address your concerns, analyze your skin, and create a personalized treatment plan for you.

50% of your cosmetic consultation fee will be applied toward whichever procedure you choose.

Please review all information before booking.

Criteria for cosmetic (non OHIP) consultations with Dr. Tan: 
1. Spots or lesions previously designated as safe or benign by your physician or previously assessed to be so by Dr. Tan
2. Consideration of procedures not covered by OHIP (eg. most facial laser treatments, most acne scar treatments, body sculpting, removal of safe moles, skin tags)
3. Consideration of procedures for alteration of appearance without medical need (eg. Botox, fillers)
4. If you don’t have OHIP coverage
If you are uncertain, please contact us before booking.
By proceeding, you are indicating that the consultation is for cosmetic or non- OHIP eligible purposes. Otherwise, please obtain a referral from your healthcare provider to see Dr. Tan.