Acne Stains & Scars

When acne spots subside, they can leave stains (flat areas of skin discoloration either brown or red) and scars (skin indentations or holes). Both can be embarrassing and lead to reduced self-confidence. We understand the burden that acne scars can cause and have studied these aspects.

Here is our Research

Burden Of acne scars (quant)
Burden Of acne scars (qual)

While scars and stains can be temporarily hidden with good cosmetic coverup, there are also effective treatments for both. Dr. Tan regularly treats patients with acne scars. Here is a recent presentation to dermatologists on of acne scarring management. There are multiple options and we can tailor these to your needs.

Acne Scarring Management Update
Infini treatment (RF Microneedling)
Fraxel treatment
Fillers treatment

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