A Dermatologist’s Guide to Skin-Healthy Sleep | Part 1 |

Mar 12, 2020 | Blog

A good nights’ sleep will do wonders for all of you

Take care of your body and your mind and you’ll be taking care of your skin.

Appropriate rest and a good night’s sleep are critical to brain function, your skin, your gut, and the rest of your body. This is due to the multiple connections from your brain to your body.

Having a bedtime routine helps prepare you for a restful sleep. We asked Dr. Tan for his bedtime routine. Here’s his for reference, that you can use to develop your own that suits you and puts you in a rest-ready frame of mind.

“I start with a cup of herbal tea (non-caffeinated). Mint or chai are my favourites.

Then I do my nighttime skincare routine. After gentle facial cleansing, I apply retinol, alternating with Hyaluronic Acid Intensifier nightly.

I do some gentle stretching on the yoga mat on my bedroom floor for no more than 15 minutes.

I turn off my cellphone and leave it on the other side of the room. A novel awaits me on my pillow.”

Sleeping on your face or on your cheeks can lead to compression of your skin and soft tissue and skin creases called “sleep lines”. These develop from indentations of your skin against your pillow.  Sleeping on your back with your head tilted slightly to one side can help to alleviate these issues, and reduce the potential for snoring! I like to use a supportive pillow called the ENVY pillow https://www.envypillow.com/ to keep my cheeks off my pillow. Keeping a small pillow underneath your knees will help maintain the normal curvature of your spine.