Skin Care TLC

Are you seeking to maintain or restore the dewy, soft, fresh complexion of healthy skin?

Start with the 3 basics of good skin care:

a gentle cleanser


sun protection

Choose these based on your skin type – whether oily, dry or neutral/mixed.  Remember that seasons can affect the type of products you use as conditions are dry in the winter and humid in the summer.  Fragrance free as preferred to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. If you are acne prone, look for non-comedogenic products.

For special situations, additional products may be helpful: retinol for acne prone skin, anti-redness formulas for rosacea, vitamin C and retinol for sun damaged and aging skin and fading creams for brown marks/stains.


This is part of a presentation by Dr. Tan to the Canadian dermatology Association on the exposome.

Proper skin care can help protect you from the damaging effects ultraviolet light, skin pollution and other external exposures (EXPOSOME).

For your skin type and individual considerations, we can review your skin care routine and recommend products best suited to you.

Contact us for your personalized skin care product assessment.